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Re: [regression] make 4.0+ breaks 'export' when '-e' option is given

From: Enrico Scholz
Subject: Re: [regression] make 4.0+ breaks 'export' when '-e' option is given
Date: Tue, 09 Feb 2016 20:18:59 +0100
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Paul Smith <address@hidden> writes:

>> to pass down *all* environment variables given on cmdline to sub
>> -makes, I used to write
>> | export ${MAKEOVERRIDES}
> Why are you doing this?  Make always provides all the command-line
> variables you set to all sub-makes.

GNU make 4.0 seems to implement the behavior described in its documentation:

| 5.7.2 Communicating Variables to a Sub-`make'
| ...
| `make' exports a variable only if it is either defined in the environment
| initially or set on the command line, and if its name consists only of
| letters, numbers, and underscores.

E.g. I will *not* pass 'a-b' to its sub makes.   GNU make 3.82's
documentation contains this phrase too but implementation seems to
ignore this constraint.

When you run my example without the 'export' line, you get with '-e':

| TEST1 ><
| TEST2 >ok ab bar a_b=XXX<

Unfortunately, I can not enumerate the variables and solutions like

| export a-b

will not work hence.


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