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Re: Parallel Build with GNU make

From: Roland Schwingel
Subject: Re: Parallel Build with GNU make
Date: Tue, 02 Feb 2016 08:35:10 +0100
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Eli Zaretskii wrote on 01.02.2016 20:14:17:

> Add "--debug=j" to the make command-line switches and see if it
> launches more than one command at a time.
> Anyway, your makefile.mak file can be written in such a way as to
> effectively prohibit parallelism, due to how it lays out dependencies.
This is something I am struggeling on. I tried this a couple of times but could not make it working in a way that is satisfying for me, as I could not find the correct way to control parallelism. I am aware of .NOTPARALLEL but this might not be enough for me.

I have this examplarily layout:

subfolder1 - subfolder4 - sub4_1.c
             sub1_1.c     sub4_2.c
subfolder2 - sub2_1.c
subfolder3 - sub3_1.c

All subfolders shall be visited recursively first. No parallelism is allowed in visiting folders. But when in a folder and it comes to concrete compiling parallelism should be allowed.

This should result in this compileorder for the above example
Visit subfolder1 (not in parallel)
Visit subfolder4 (not in parallel)
Compile sub4_1.c and sub4_2.c in parallel
Return to subfolder1
Compile sub1_2.c and sub1_2.c in parallel
Return to main
Visit subfolder2 (not in parallel)
Compile sub2_1.c and sub2_2.c in parallel
Return to main
Vist subfolder3 (not in parallel)
Compile sub3_1.c and sub3_2.c in parallel
Return to main
Compile main1.c,main2.c and main3.c in parallel

When doing a make -j 4 for instance make is visiting all subfolders in parallel which is not desired. When I am using .NOTPARALLEL the whole subfolder is not compiled in parallel which is also not desired. Each folder visit is a concrete submake in my case. Each folder has its own

Any clue on how to achieve the flow I want to have? Visiting folders non recursive while compiling itself inside of the folders is recursive?



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