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Re: PostgreSQL 9.0.4 failure.

From: Perry Smith
Subject: Re: PostgreSQL 9.0.4 failure.
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2011 08:31:58 -0500

Below is the stanza from the Makefile:

$(top_builddir)/src/include/catalog/schemapg.h: catalog/schemapg.h
        prereqdir=`cd $(dir $<) >/dev/null && pwd` && \
          cd $(dir $@) && rm -f $(notdir $@) && \
          $(LN_S) "$$prereqdir/$(notdir $<)" .


  prereqdir=`cd $(dir $<) ...

expands completely in the good case and is just catalog/ in the bad case.  However, there are other stanzas that look exactly the same that expand completely.

One thing I noticed (which I hope I added to my PostgreSQL bug report) is that a previous rule:

# run this unconditionally to avoid needing to know its dependencies here:
        $(MAKE) -C catalog schemapg.h

.PHONY: submake-schemapg

catalog/schemapg.h: submake-schemapg

in the bad case (3.82) I see that the lower directory is entered and left while in the good cases (3.80 and 3.81) I only see that no work needs to be done.  That may not have anything to do with the issue but thought it was worth mentioning.

I'm happy to help out where I can.  Just ask.

Thank you,

On Jun 15, 2011, at 7:34 AM, Paul Smith wrote:

On Tue, 2011-06-14 at 22:01 -0500, Perry Smith wrote:
I opened a bug report with PostgreSQL but I believe it is a problem with make.  
The bug report there is 6059:


You can also read a post here:


It definitely looks like a change in behavior of GNU make triggered this

However, until/unless someone provides us with the text of the makefile
rule that is failing we can't know whether this is a bug or something
that was changed intentionally.

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