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Re: Implicit pattern rules do not match files with spaces in their names

From: Kamil Mierzejewski
Subject: Re: Implicit pattern rules do not match files with spaces in their names [resend]
Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2011 09:32:17 +0200
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Hi, I came across this issue some time, had no choice but lurk into make sources and hack the implicit rules code. I submitted a patch:


It can break backward compatibility on Windows/Dos/OS2 systems as Paul suggested in his comment due to path separator ambiguity.

W dniu 2011-06-08 22:43, Anthony DeRobertis pisze:
On 06/08/2011 01:49 PM, Paul Smith wrote:
GNU make does not support files containing whitespace (in fact no POSIX
make does: make defines whitespace to be a separator and does not define
any way to escape whitespace).  Some things work, "by accident"; many do

Thanks for the explanation.

Please consider my report a feature request then, to make spaces work
there, "by accident", at least if that accident is easy to implement.

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