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.SECONDARY vs. .PRECIOUS doc of danger

From: jidanni
Subject: .SECONDARY vs. .PRECIOUS doc of danger
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2009 00:32:52 +0800

You fellows have a lot of explaining to do. (On the Info page, not to me.)

In (info "(make) Special Targets")
     ...Also, if the target is an intermediate file, it will not be
     deleted after it is no longer needed, as is normally done... In
     this latter respect it overlaps with the `.SECONDARY' special

However we see that only genuine .PRECIOUS will preserve the
intermediate file. .SECONDARY, on the other hand, will blow - it - away.

$ ls
Makefile  u.kml
$ cat Makefile
%.kmz:%.kml;touch $@
$ make u.val
touch u.kmz
rm u.kmz
$ emacs Makefile
$ cat Makefile
%.kmz:%.kml;touch $@
$ make u.val
touch u.kmz

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