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GNU make version 3.81

From: David Mizrahi
Subject: GNU make version 3.81
Date: Thu, 14 May 2009 18:04:40 +0200

Ref:   GNU make version 3.81  downloaded file "ming32w-make-3.81-20080326-src.tar.gz  1.6MB
My computer =HP Pavilion notebook Div9540  using Windows Vista Home Premium (US english version) +
Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8.
A couple of weeks ago I had a chance to download the OpenOffice.org3  suite (also english version). All went fine.
Recently in order to improve the programming possibilities of OpenOffice.org3  I have downloaded OpenOffice.org_3.1:SDK  (also in english).
Upon reading the SDK install online instructions, namely, to click on the SDK file " setsdkenv_windows" which I did and confirmed the first question (the path of OpenOffice.org_3.1_SDF program) which went OK    and to confirm the parth of OpenOffice.org3  which also went OK.
However, a third question of the windows command line  asked the following:
"ENTER GNU make tool directory"   which  I did several times    and  to my great regret   I always get on the screen  the same answer saying  the file does not exist   and  the screen keeps on asking again and again ENTER GNU make tool directory  and I keep on getting the same screen answer "the file does not exist"  !!!!
In order to test and make sure the GNU make file exists on my computer, I opened the windows command line  and entered the full path of the GNU make on my c:\drive  and the screen confirmed the file exists and showed following  answer:
"using : setsdkenv_windows.bat[options]
--force-configure: force a new configuration of your SDK environment .
                         Alternatively ou can edit your SDK environment script directly:
-h, --help : print this help and exist  " .    end of screen message.
Upon reading the downloaded GNU make manual,  I noticed the GNU make  can encounter some bug  which probably prevents the
setsdkenv_windows  to recognize the GNU make file on my computer.
Also the OpenOffice.org Developer manual  mentions the possibility of  GNU make bugs and the difficulty when using Windows.
Would extremely appreciate your valuable comments how to solve the problem and finally get the OpenOffice.org_3.1_SDK environment to open and start working.     I tried the internet support of OpenOffice.org and Sun Microsystem  and forums etc   and could not find an article or instructions  how to solve this issue.    Funny, all othe programs /software on my computer are working fine and are continuously updated.   I aslo have Norton Internet Security.
I thank you for your attention and hope to hear from you soon.
David Mizrahi   email address@hidden

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