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info tree jump

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: info tree jump
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2004 12:29:33 +0800

In the info menu, reading the page at LINE A, it seems to lead into
the tree at LINE B or something. Maybe move LINE A into the LINE B set
or something.

Writing the Commands in Rules

* Echoing::                     How to control when commands are echoed.
* Execution::                   How commands are executed.
* Parallel::                    How commands can be executed in parallel.
* Errors::                      What happens after a command execution error.
* Interrupts::                  What happens when a command is interrupted.
* Recursion::  [LINE A]         Invoking `make' from makefiles.
* Sequences::                   Defining canned sequences of commands.
* Empty Commands::              Defining useful, do-nothing commands.

Recursive Use of `make' [LINE B]

* MAKE Variable::               The special effects of using `$(MAKE)'.
* Variables/Recursion::         How to communicate variables to a sub-`make'.
* Options/Recursion::           How to communicate options to a sub-`make'.
* -w Option::                   How the `-w' or `--print-directory' option

OK, all I know is this is not a flat tree structure or something.
P.S., add a "full" example of recursive make.

P.S., at the very bottom is "Copying This Manual", not linked.

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