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Re: GNU make 3.80 build failure on FreeBSD 5

From: Paul D. Smith
Subject: Re: GNU make 3.80 build failure on FreeBSD 5
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 16:33:38 -0500

%% Gerald Pfeifer <address@hidden> writes:

  gp> GNU make 3.80 fails to build on FreeBSD 5:
  gp>   In file included from glob.c:282:
  gp>   glob.h:51: redefinition of `__size_t'
  gp>   /usr/include/machine/_types.h:86: `__size_t' previously declared here

  gp> This can be fixed by the patch below which Mike Barcroft
  gp> <address@hidden> contributed to the FreeBSD ports collection.

  gp> I would appreciate could you roll a new release of GNU make with
  gp> this (or a similar) fix rather sooner than later; thanks.

I don't think there's any way that a GNU make release can be done for at
least another month or so: the CVS code is sort of in the middle of

It would be good, when you find things like this, if you could file a
bug on the Savannah site (I get bugs from Debian, etc. that way too).

Question: is this change portable to previous versions of FreeBSD as
well?  You test just __FreeBSD__, which I assume is defined for 4.x,
etc.  versions as well, so I want to make sure that this section won't
cause breakage on older versions.


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