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target variable assignments

From: EXT-McVicker, Eric A
Subject: target variable assignments
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2001 11:54:36 -0800

This could be either a bug with the documentation, or with make.  I have
attempted to use make 3.77 and make 3.79.1 and this example fails under both

I have a complex makefile that I have been able to simplify into a small
number of lines to demonstrate my problem.  The makefile would go as

%_crbd_fl : TARGET = FLASH
603_ac_% : COMPUTER = AC
all: 603_ac_crbd_fl
        @echo "$(TARGET)"
        @echo "$(COMPUTER)"

What I would expect to see is both FLASH and AC echoed out to my screen.
However with the makefile written in this manner I only see FLASH.  Upon
further analysis if the makefile were modified into:

603_ac_% : COMPUTER = AC
%_crbd_fl : TARGET = FLASH
all: 603_ac_crbd_fl
        @echo "$(TARGET)"
        @echo "$(COMPUTER)"

I would only then see a blank line followed by AC being echoed.  The make
manual never specifies that you cannot intermingle your target matching, so
I believe this to be a valid construct.  If I am mistaken, forgive me for
wasting your time.

As a further note:  It once it has chosen a target matching algorithm for
the target specific variable assignments, it is consistent throughout the
entire makefile.  IE: all target variable definitions will only match
depending on the syntax of the first rule.


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