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RE: Make 3.79.1 bug/question

From: Zagorodnev, Grigory
Subject: RE: Make 3.79.1 bug/question
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 11:15:48 +0400

Thanks again for the response!

Just two questions to clarify...

> It's already fixed in the source code in CVS.  There has been
> no release
Does it mean that next version of make will has the fix?

> Your makefile is wrong anyway, so you should definitely rewrite it.
> But, it won't help work around this bug.  You cannot provide
> a variable
> setting on the same line as an export.  This line:
>   export A:= commom
> will export two variables, one named "A:=" (which is not a legal
> variable name so this will do nothing), and one named "commom".
> What I'm guessing you want is this:
>   A:= common
>   export A
I'm little bit surprised here. "info make" told me that...
"Communicating Variables to a Sub-`make'

     export VARIABLE := value

has the same result as:

     VARIABLE := value
     export VARIABLE"

Does it mean that the latest version of make has another behaviour?


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