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handling of errors during recursion

From: Michael Espe
Subject: handling of errors during recursion
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2001 15:45:02 -0400

I've been switching our build over to gnumake to all the migration to other
platforms.  The system has a top level makefile that sets up a few things,
then recursively calls the make files located in each of the service areas
that are subdirectories.  The issue I am dealing with is an error in a
sub-make causes that make file to terminate, but the main makefile just goes
to the next sub-make and keeps on going.

I could reproduce this with a few simple makefiles.  Other version of make
which had been used before would pass the error to the parent makefile which
would also then terminate, and so on.  There are option to turn this
behavior off, so I would expect the normal behavior would be to fail.  The
documentation does not seem to specifically spell this out, either way.

What is the specified behavior, and is this a known issue? 


Mike Espe
(512) 536-7553

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