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Configure bug in Make 3.79.1

From: Karl Bolingbroke
Subject: Configure bug in Make 3.79.1
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 14:18:50 -0600

I ran across a bug during the configure/build phase of Make
3.79.1.  I'm not sure if the bug is part of the Make code
itself or something inherited from Autoconf/Automake, but
here it is.

I'm building Make on HP-UX 11.00 with GCC.  I've done this
in the past without problem, but I just upgraded to GCC 3.0,
and now it fails with various errors.  I tracked the problem
down to an assertion included in the files configure,
aclocal.m4, and acinclude.m4.  The assertion is
"ac_cv_sys_largefile_CFLAGS=-D__STDC_EXT__".  Apparently
older versions of GCC required this for large file support
on HP-UX, but GCC does not.

I removed the assertion from "configure", and the program
built cleanly.  Thanks for your help and all of your good

A Open Source fan, but unfortunately not a C programmer,


Karl Bolingbroke
Flying J Inc.

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