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[bug-mailutils] how to download mailutils sources from git for next offl

From: Franta Hanzlík
Subject: [bug-mailutils] how to download mailutils sources from git for next offline build
Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2017 13:24:19 +0200

Please, what is best way for preparing mailutils package for subsequent
build on destination machine, where is only minimal build system (gcc +
devel libraries)? I thin somthin as project has already in its archive:


which has only 2.7 MB size!

What I tried:
I must download sources from git (need actual version), thus I did:

git clone git://git.savannah.gnu.org/mailutils.git mailutils

I got mailutils sources, it's have ~ 32 MB size, but there aren't some
needed files (./configure, .po files, maybe other). Thus I (IMO) must
run ./bootstrap

bootstrap script performs tons of downloads, some of them:
Cloning into 'doc/imprimatur'
Cloning into 'gint'
Cloning into 'gnulib'           <= why? When I gave '--gnulib-srcdir'
wget 'm4/radius.m4'

Resulted mailutils-3.2.91-git263e2e9f directory has size 154 MB, and even
when I tar it excluding git stuff:

tar cf mailutils-3.2.91-git.tar --exclude-vcs mailutils-3.2.91-git263e2e9f

it has ~ 65 MB size; with xz compression it has 6.2 MB size - still much
more than 2.7 MB size.

I have already installed "gnulib-devel" package, which has dir structure

thus I tried to reduce package size by referring to gnulib with
'--gnulib-srcdir' bootstrap option. It seems as bootstrap want gnulib-tool
to be in directory pointed by --gnulib-srcdir option (/usr/bin/ in my
case). Thus I run:

./bootstrap --gnulib-srcdir=/usr/bin --no-git --no-bootstrap-sync
./bootstrap --gnulib-srcdir=/usr/bin --no-bootstrap-sync

Despite it, bootstrap script still do lot of downloads, including gnulib,
and at end it fail. Outputs from both these bootstraps runs are attached.

How should I do that minimal tarbal, with ./configure for my system
autoconf, with .po files, radius.m4 and all needed files for mailutils
build - and withou other balast?

Thanks, Franta
I hope the Fedora will have a better init and no binary logs

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