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[bug-mailutils] mu-mh questions

From: Pierre-Jean
Subject: [bug-mailutils] mu-mh questions
Date: Tue, 06 Jun 2017 17:01:01 +0200

Hello alls,

As you may have noticed, I am training myself to use mu-mh. There are
still a few things I did not find how to do. Could you please give me
some advises or share some ideas, hints or scripts?

1) How do you deal with spams on the server side?
Usually, you log in to your mail account, and move messages to and
from the spam folder on the server as to train its spam filter. Is
there a way to do this with mh? Or should I remove the spam filtering
from the server and use a local one?

2) Is there a way to sign, check, encrypt, decrypt messages with GPG?

3) Is it possible to hide my passwords from the configuration file and
use a devoted tool to store the passwords?

Thanks for your answers!


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