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[bug-mailutils] Getting started with mailutils as a library (GNU Guile b

From: Amirouche
Subject: [bug-mailutils] Getting started with mailutils as a library (GNU Guile bindings)
Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2017 13:28:23 +0200
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I am looking for stable featured imap client to bind in GNU Guile, I found GNU mailutils.

The library part is not documented yet, nonetheless there is plenty of use of the library
in mailutils itself.

Like I said I am primarily interested on the imap client. It seems to me that the general workflow is to send request to using `mu_imap_*` functions found in mailutils/imap.h and listen for response using `mu_imap_register_callback_function`. Is this correct?

For instance, there is the example code in libproto/imap/mbox.c [1] that does the following:

static int
_imap_fetch_with_callback (mu_imap_t imap, mu_msgset_t msgset, char *items,
               mu_imap_callback_t cb, void *data)
  int rc;

  mu_imap_register_callback_function (imap, MU_IMAP_CB_FETCH, cb, data);
  rc = mu_imap_fetch (imap, 0, msgset, items);
  mu_imap_register_callback_function (imap, MU_IMAP_CB_FETCH, NULL, NULL);
  return rc;

AFAIU the callback is unregistred immediatly after being registred. How can this properly work?

What's the purpose of:

void mu_imap_callback (mu_imap_t imap, int code, size_t sdat, void *pdat);

Thanks in advance!

[1] http://git.savannah.gnu.org/cgit/mailutils.git/tree/libproto/imap/mbox.c#n61

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