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[bug-mailutils] alias command in .mailrc causing segfault

From: David Trammell
Subject: [bug-mailutils] alias command in .mailrc causing segfault
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 2009 13:47:59 -0600

I recently upgraded an old FreeBSD server to Debian Linux.  Just one user is using the mail program, but their old .mailrc file is causing seg faults.  I commented out all of it and brought in lines one at a time and it seems that several of the aliases are doing it.  I can't determine any common element of the aliases that are causing the seg fault. 
Here's a sample showing the set commands , a few good aliases and then a few that are causing segfaults when included in the file.  The seg fault occurs when calling the mail program at the commandline by the way.
set EDITOR=/usr/ucb/ex
set SHELL=/bin/csh
set SHELL=/bin/csh crt=24 ask nosave append
set ask
set askcc
set crt=24
set folder=mail record=+outgoing
set metoo
set remotesignature=~/.signature
set save
set sigdashes=on
alias alejandro lflgalex ATSYM usc.es
alias allison asnell3 ATSYM lsu.edu
alias allisonbrueckner abrueckner ATSYM calicoinfo.net
alias csclibrarianmelinda mkaral1 ATSYM lsu.edu
alias dalemaas dmaas ATSYM dalemaaslaw.com
alias danhenderson dan.henderson ATSYM cox.net
#alias anndeleon annarc6 ATSYM comcast.net
#alias clare ckatz ATSYM wiley.com
#alias danialneebel danial.neebel ATSYM loras.edu
#alias derek mazel2 ATSYM cox.net
#alias donaldkaufmann donald_kaufmann ATSYM glic.com, donald_kaufmann ATSYM scullyfinancial.com
#alias elizabethphillip ephillip ATSYM wiley.com

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