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Re: [bug-mailutils] is Sergey Poznyakoff OK?

From: Sergey Poznyakoff
Subject: Re: [bug-mailutils] is Sergey Poznyakoff OK?
Date: Thu, 13 Aug 2009 11:27:48 +0300

Hi Gary,

> I have been trading emails with Sergey Poznyakoff for several months 
> concerning
> the GNU Mailutils IMAP server.  As can be seen below, he usually responds very
> quickly, but I have not had any response from him since I sent him one email 
> on
> July 6, 2009, and another on July 20, 2009, which is why I am trying this 
> other
> email address that he informed me of in a previous email.

Strange, I did not receive those two postings. Could you please forward
them again?

> Has anything bad happened to him?

I'm OK, thanks for bothering about me. I really appreciate that. The
reason why our communication broke is purely technical, and I apologize
for it. I'll investigate my mail system to prevent such things from
happening again.

So, what is your progress with Mailutils?


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