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[bug-mailutils] mail(x) message status bugs (with patch)

From: Paul Vojta
Subject: [bug-mailutils] mail(x) message status bugs (with patch)
Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2009 17:48:28 -0700
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I've found the following bugs in how mail(x) accounts for the status of

1.  The "preserve" command should do more than just undo the "mbox" command.
    In fact, it needs its own status bit, since there are three possible
    states associated with the preserve and mbox commands:  preserved,
    mboxed, or neither (in the latter case, whether a message in the inbox
    is moved to the mbox depends on whether the message was read in the
    present invocation of mail).

2.  Assuming there are no preserve, mbox, save, etc. commands, a message
    in the inbox should only be moved to the mbox if it was read during
    *this* invocation of mail.

3.  The POSIX description of the "touch" command makes no mention of moving
    a message to the "read" state, so the touch command needs its own
    status bit.

4.  In all other versions of mailx that I've used, old messages that had been
    read already are indicated in from/header lines with ' ' as the status,
    not 'R'.  I find this more useful, since there are tons of such messages
    in my inbox and this allows all other messages to stand out more.

5.  The "undelete" command should unset a message's "preserved" and "mboxed"
    status bits, since it is supposed to leave a message in the state "read".

6.  If the current mailbox is not the system mailbox, then the "quit" command
    should not delete saved messages.

(In each case the bug is that mailx does not act as it should.)

I have attached a patch, and hope that you will consider including it in
the next release of the Gnu mailtools.

--Paul Vojta, address@hidden

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