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Re: [bug-mailutils] Is this a Bug? Readmsg Omits From Line

From: Sergey Poznyakoff
Subject: Re: [bug-mailutils] Is this a Bug? Readmsg Omits From Line
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2007 09:50:23 +0200

Neil R. Ormos <address@hidden> wrote:

> Perhaps the man page for readmsg could include a
> hint to users about how to duplicate the behavior
> of the -h option of elm readmsg to extract
> messages verbatim from mbox format mailboxes.  I'd
> be happy to contribute some proposed language, but
> I might need some help to produce a patch in the
> proper format.

Any help will be appreciated. Notice, however, that there
are no *man* page. The Mailutils documentation is in
Texinfo format. You will find its sources in doc/texinfo
subdirectory. The section dedicated to readmsg is in
file programs.texi, starting on line 2532. The Texinfo
markup is very simple, you should not have any difficulties
with it (see `info texinfo' or the online docs in
http://www.gnu.org/software/texinfo/manual/texinfo/ in case of
doubts). Anyways, if you have any difficulties, feel free
to ask me.


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