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[bug-mailutils] Mailutils 0.6.1 - Problem with URL parsing?

From: Otto Maddox
Subject: [bug-mailutils] Mailutils 0.6.1 - Problem with URL parsing?
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2006 23:49:49 +0000

I'm using Mailutils 0.6.1 on Debian GNU/Linux.

I think there is an issue with URL parsing, in that it seems not to handle 
usernames with "@" in them (such usernames are becoming increasingly common).

$ mailx --tls --file=imap://address@hidden@mail.messagingengine.com
Cannot open mailbox imap://address@hidden@mail.messagingengine.com: DNS name 
resolution failed

where "address@hidden" is my username, and "mail.messagingengine.com" is the 
server.  This sort of problem happens with other programs too, for example, 

Any comments or ideas?

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                          love email again

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