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[bug-mailutils] QNX RtP 6.2 and mailutils 0.6.90

From: heymanj
Subject: [bug-mailutils] QNX RtP 6.2 and mailutils 0.6.90
Date: Sat, 21 May 2005 09:18:12 -0400

I'm new to this list (having been pointed to mailutils by the nmh workers
list).  I find porting software interesting, and having installed QNX RtP
6.2 in pursuit of my dissertation, porting software to it is always a

I pulled down mailutils 0.6.90 from the alpha gnu site, added the SQL patch
that was put on this list, and attempted to compile it for QNX RtP 6.2

$ ./configure --enable-mh --disable-nls

host system type : i386-pc-nto-qnx6.2.0
build system type: i386-pc-nto-qnx6.2.0
gcc version      : 2.95.3

compilation errors I found were:

mailbox/mutil.c: needs additional #include <sys/select.h>
lib/mailcap.c: needs additional #include "fnmatch_.h"

I have not expect for QNX RtP, so running tests were of no use.  I did
however run some simple tests regarding the MH set of commands and all
seems to be working just fine.

       //  Jerry Heyman      | "Software is the difference between
      //   Amiga Forever :-) |  hardware and reality"
  \\ //    address@hidden   | 

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