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[bug-mailutils] quoted-printable decoding

From: Shashank Kavishwar
Subject: [bug-mailutils] quoted-printable decoding
Date: Tue, 11 May 2004 20:32:39 -0700

In filter_trans.c, the qp_deocde() function replaces all ‘_’ characters with <SPACE).>

RFC 2047 states that the ‘_’ should be replaced with <SPACE> in “Q” encodings, where a wide range of printable characters are used in non-critical locations within the message header (e.g., Subject).

RFC 2045, which defines the “Quoted-Printable” content transfer encoding, says no such specific thing about the ‘_’ being replaced with <SPACE>.

The problem is that if I save an attachment using message_save_attachment(), with content-transfer-encoding as Quoted-Printable, the decoded file will have all ‘_’ replaced with <SPACE>.




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