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[bug-mailutils] ipv6 support in imap4d and pop3d

From: Daniel 'NebuchadnezzaR' Dehennin
Subject: [bug-mailutils] ipv6 support in imap4d and pop3d
Date: Sun, 02 May 2004 16:48:53 +0200
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I continue my poor little work on ipv6, I make a little handling of
autoconf stuff, adding a --disbale-ipv{4,6}, a basic test on
getaddrinfo and inet_ntop.

I make changes in sigchld handling due to the common listen loop for
imap4d and pop3d with Sergey recommandations in mind.

Any comment is welcome ;-).
Daniel 'NebuchadnezzaR' Dehennin
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Description: ipv6 support and signal handling for imap4d and pop3d

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