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[bug-mailutils] Recent modifications

From: Sergey Poznyakoff
Subject: [bug-mailutils] Recent modifications
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2004 14:53:36 +0300


Based on the discussion with Dan, the following new features
were added to mail utility:

* xmailer variable

Controls whether an X-Mailer header should be added to outgoing
messages. Default is 'set xmailer'.

* Sender Field List

Sender field list is a list of header fields used to determine the
sender of a message. The first field from this list is looked up in
message headers. If it is found and contains a valid email address,
this address is used as the sender address. If not, the second field
is searched and so on. This process continues until a field is found
in the headers, or the sender field list is exhausted, whichever happens

If the previous step did not determine the sender address, the
address from SMTP envelope is used.

The sender address is used by 'reply', 'respond' and 'followup'

* sender and nosender commands

These control the sender field list. 'Sender' adds field names or displays
current contents of the sender list. 'Nosender' removes field names
from the sender list.


1) setting

sender reply-to from

will force 'reply' command to give preference to Reply-To header over
>From header.

2) Issuing 'nosender' command without arguments will clear sender field
list. Subsequent 'reply' commands will use envelope to determine
the sender address.

The default value is

 sender mail-followup-to reply-to from


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