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Re: problems with "mail"

From: Sergey Poznyakoff
Subject: Re: problems with "mail"
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2002 00:52:46 +0200

> I expect the command line argument to override any environment variables.


> I should be able to do:
> # frm pop://address@hidden         <-- overritde my default
> # frm imap://address@hidden         <-- overritde my default
> # frm --mail-spool=pop://address@hidden         <-- overritde my default
> # frm --mail-spool=imap://address@hidden         <-- overritde my default

Both forms are already working. Give it a try :^)

> # frm --mail-spool=/home/alain/Mail/received     <-- override my default

Works only if neither MAIL nor FOLDER are set. There is still some
work to be done in mailbox_create_default...

> The only thing that is unclear is this:
> # frm  --mail-spool=joe   <--- relative path is user? filename?

Hmm... I guess this should be understood as a subdirectory 'joe' in
the current working directory.

> Yes.  There was a hack in the old mailbox_create_default() trying
> to detect urls with something like:
>  strchr(mail, ':') != NULL  /* probably a url, contains ':' now check

Yes, I have already restored this functionality. Although the heuristics
seems to be very primitive.

> I can propose a patch ... if we agree on the policy for mbx_create_default() 
> 8-)
Oh, sure, we'll have to define the policy. So far we seem to have
agreed that it should favor --mail-spool over the environment
variables (right now it acts contrary-wise). 

OK, I'll write a bit later --- telnetd is taking too much time :^) 


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