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Re: intro

From: xystrus
Subject: Re: intro
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 02:08:58 -0500
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On Wed, Mar 13, 2002 at 12:20:11AM -0500, Alain Magloire wrote:
> ...
> > Also, if there are things that people want worked on, let me know,
> > whether it be in imap4d or in some other part of mailutils.  It'll
> Since IMAP4 seems to be of particular interest to you, how about
> those "login referrals" and "mailbox referrals" commands.
> The server side(imap4d) should be a good start.  The client
> side probably a nightmare and probably not recommanded right now 8).

Actually I've been poking through the libmailbox code a little bit,
and I think I would like to play with that for a while.  On the whole
it looks to me like it's pretty well written.  Of particular interest
to me is what effect switching to MMIO would have on performance and
memory utilization, for both small mailboxes and very large mailboxes.
I may play with this, and then report my results back here, if there's
interest.  In theory, MMIO should have a noticable positive impact on
performance, at least in the case of machines with plenty of RAM.  

I'm also interested in the mbox_expunge() function... I haven't
gotten around to looking closely at it, but I did notice a comment
that claims it breaks splendidly.  Can someone comment on how it
breaks?  Is this still a problem?  I've also already written some
functions that more-or-less implement expunging messages from mbox
folders using MMIO, so it should be reasonably easy to convert what
I have into a form that makes sense for libmailbox...

It also seems that support for the vaunted Maildir and MH folders
isn't finished.  Is someone actively working on these?  I've been
meaning to learn more about how Maildir is implemented anyway, so I
thought I might have a look at finishing that up.



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