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Re: Mailutils configuration, some work needed

From: Alain Magloire
Subject: Re: Mailutils configuration, some work needed
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002 11:18:29 -0500 (EST)

> Hello,
> > I tried to build this morning, but I'm having trouble.
> > argp needs functions in lib, which needs argp. You didn't find this?
> Yes, now I see it. I didn't notice it before because I was trying
> the stuff on a system with glibc, which already has argp support :^)
> Uncommenting Jeff's changes to argp/Makefile.am (line 18) solves
> the problem, but they seem to have caused trouble on QNX
> haven't they? Anyway, I quite agree with your proposition of
> moving argp to libmailutils:
> > If the auto* tools don't have a way to fix link cycles, what do you
> > think of just moving the argp source into lib? It seems lib consists
> > mostly of gnu library functions, and argp is unique only in the
> > number of files, other than that its a piece of glibc.
> Any objections if I do that? Alain? Jeff?


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