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Re: AUTH= !*, what to do...

From: Alain Magloire
Subject: Re: AUTH= !*, what to do...
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 01:19:14 -0500 (EST)

> Bonjour!
> The world's slowest programmer is back for a few days, before returning

Quantity != Quality

> to Montreal for another weekend...

Ha ! Montreal missed my old town, the only place where you can get
decent "crepes" and bagels.  Not that American thing they
call "pancakes" here, Ouache !!
As for the bagels in Ottawa, I'm still not sure on there purporse, a
hockey poke maybe?

> The attached patch does (a), from below, for the anonymous SASL mechanism.
> Notice I split the authentication states out. It should be a tiny bit
> easier to implement more AUTHENTICATE types. It still PREAUTHs (though
> I don't have a preauthed server to test against).

I actually never seen a preauth server 8-).

> I am guessing that there needs to be a state between every call that
> could return EWOULDBLOCK if the socket was non-blocking, but I'd like
> confirmation that I am using the IMAP macros correctly, and I am doing
> the aproximately correct thing before committing.

Yes.  Providing support for non-blocking, is a real pain in the neck.
But looking at the patch, it looks fine, at least at first glance.
So go ahead commit it, we'll pick things up when it breaks 8-).

> Try with:
> imap://;address@hidden/archive.info-cyrus
> It has +11,000 messages! Anybody need a stress test?

Cool 8-)

> $ ./mbox-check 'imap://;address@hidden/archive.info-cyrus'
> g1 SELECT archive.info-cyrus
> g1 OK [READ-ONLY] Completed
> g2 CLOSE
> g2 OK Completed
> count 11008 messages in <imap://;address@hidden/archive.info-cyrus>


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