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Re: mailutils ./ChangeLog guimb/Makefile.am libmu_s...

From: Sergey Poznyakoff
Subject: Re: mailutils ./ChangeLog guimb/Makefile.am libmu_s...
Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2001 16:15:44 +0300

> Can someone with an older version tell me if DEFAULT_INCLUDES is just
> an automake 1.5 thing?  

Yes, DEFAULT_INCLUDES seems to appear in version 1.5. Automake 1.4 does
not define it.

> If it is, are you guys willing to upgrade?
> (I'd like to update configure.in to 2.50 too sometime.  I'm waiting
> for one annoying bug to be fixed.)

It's a good idea. Alain?

> (A similar patch also applied to guimb)

OK, thanks. I guess we should apply them after upgrading to automake
1.5. But in the meantime, since not all of us are running it,
I'd reverse the changes to both Makefile.am's. With version 1.4, just
saying INCLUDES=-I$(scrdir) ... seems enough to make #include <*.x>
statements work as supposed. Any objections?


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