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Re: suggestion about nameing MU_STREAM_READ/WRITE...

From: Alain Magloire
Subject: Re: suggestion about nameing MU_STREAM_READ/WRITE...
Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2001 19:26:20 -0400 (EDT)

> Bonjour,
> I'm a bit late to join the discussion: my timezone is 7 hours ahead of
> yours... And by the way it is raining here too :^)

And still raining, not good.

> For programs like `msgproperties', which are supposed to be
> used in shell scripts, it would be very useful to implement a switch
> --print-attachment-numbers, which would output all numbers of the
> attachments, instead of their count. It would simplify the loops
> considerably. For instance, the above example would read:
>   ...      
>   for d in `msgproperties --print-attachment-numbers $i`
>   do
>     readmsg $i > $datehdr
>   done
>   ...

Yes, we should have consistent options for all.
It is something, we should look at one point.

> > Remember MH (Mail Handler).  One thing on my todo list is to port it.
> Une bonne idee. Do you plan to integrate it in mailutils? 

Not in the near future, my priorities are :
mailutils/imap4d to complete/test
mailutils/pop3d to complete/test
mailutils/mail to complete/test
mailutils/mailbox to complete/test
mailutils/doc to ... write
Something else?

The rewrite of the mailutils/mailbox/*
is taken longer then expected 8-(.


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