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Re: suggestion about nameing MU_STREAM_READ/WRITE...

From: Sergey Poznyakoff
Subject: Re: suggestion about nameing MU_STREAM_READ/WRITE...
Date: Mon, 04 Jun 2001 12:32:51 +0300


I'm a bit late to join the discussion: my timezone is 7 hours ahead of
yours... And by the way it is raining here too :^)

> for i in `searchmsg --header=Subject "matching string"`
> do
>  d=1
>  max=`msgproperties --print-attachment-count $i`
>  while [ $d -ne $max ];
>  do
>    readmsg $i > $datehdr
>    d=`exprt $i + 1`
>  done
> done
For programs like `msgproperties', which are supposed to be
used in shell scripts, it would be very useful to implement a switch
--print-attachment-numbers, which would output all numbers of the
attachments, instead of their count. It would simplify the loops
considerably. For instance, the above example would read:

  for d in `msgproperties --print-attachment-numbers $i`
    readmsg $i > $datehdr

> Remember MH (Mail Handler).  One thing on my todo list is to port it.
Une bonne idee. Do you plan to integrate it in mailutils? 


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