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[bug-libunistring] [libunistring] Improve build parallelization patch su

From: Billy O'Neal (VC AIR)
Subject: [bug-libunistring] [libunistring] Improve build parallelization patch submitted to vcpkg
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2022 22:06:49 +0000

Hello, libunistring maintainers 🙂

A contributor has asked to apply a patch to libunistring to improve build time by parallelizing some of the operations in the makefile: https://github.com/microsoft/vcpkg/pull/27819/

Would you be willing to look at this patch and take it or indicate that you don't oppose vcpkg applying it?

Thanks for your help!

BIlly O'Neal
Visual C++ - vcpkg

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