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[bug-libunistring] mixing MSVC and mingw-built libunistring

From: David Byron
Subject: [bug-libunistring] mixing MSVC and mingw-built libunistring
Date: Thu, 28 May 2009 14:17:08 -0700

I'm trying to link libunistring with other code compiled with MSVC but I
haven't gotten far enough to see whether that's going to be a struggle yet.
I'm stuck on an include file issue

I figured for my first test program I'd try to exercise some functions in
uninorm.h, so I added

#include <uninorm.h>

to my C file, and (the windows version of) /usr/local/mingw/include to my
include path.

The compiler finds uninorm.h which includes unitypes.h.  So far so good.
unitypes.h includes unistring/stdint.h which the compiler also figures out.
I'm getting an error from within unistring/stdint.h:

1>c:\utils\cygwin\usr\local\mingw\include\unistring/stdint.h(56) : fatal
error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'stdint.h': No such file or directory

My version of MSVC (2005 aka 8) doesn't provide stdint.h.  Neither does
2008/9 as far as I can tell.  Not really a surprise that there's a problem
since I'm mixing toolchains.

Before I went down the path of building libiconv and libunistring with mingw
I tried building them with the MSVC tools (and a wrapper ala
http://cccl.sourceforge.net/, but pretty heavily modified).  I have a
feeling I need to spend more with this approach but if anyone can suggest a
shorter path to compiling MSVC programs that use libunistring I'd love to
hear it.

Thanks much.


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