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Re: Checking local web pages with LibreJS

From: Svetlana Tkachenko
Subject: Re: Checking local web pages with LibreJS
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2019 14:28:42 +1100
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Hi John

John Scott <address@hidden> написал(а):
> > 1) Please check http://sveta.uk.to:2018/~svetlana/test/testLocal.html
> > without downloading it - GNU LibreJS says 'one accepted script' (trivial).
> > Does it say this to you as well?
> Yes.


> > 2) When I download it and open as a
> > file:// URI, it says nothing. Is this also the case for you?
> Yes.


> > 3) I can't
> > test it on a web-server until a few hours later tonight. If you download
> > that page into your web-server directory, and open it in a new tab, what
> > does LibreJS tell you?
> I don't have a web server myself at the moment. I hope you'll be able to test 
> it later, or I could install lighttpd in the coming days.

OK, thanks.
> > > Another thing I've noticed is that—especially if I open
> > > the page in another tab and refresh—sometimes the green checkmark on the
> > > LibreJS icon will sporadically come back and go away.
> > How often does this occur? If you open ten new tabs, will one of them fail?
> > Or only one out of a hundred?
> I think I've figured out the trick. This occurs for documents accessed via 
> file://. If I click the LibreJS icon and then refresh the tab, there will be 
> no 
> checkmark then and thereafter for that particular tab.

By "no checkmark" do you mean "The GNU LibreJS icon disappears from the 
or something else?

Best regards,

gry at #librejs at freenode

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