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[bug-libmatheval] Libmatheval needs composition of functions

From: William Gillam
Subject: [bug-libmatheval] Libmatheval needs composition of functions
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2018 15:53:21 +0000

This isn't a bug report, but rather a general suggestion for improvement.

It seems to me that this library would be greatly enhanced by the addition of a function

void * evaluator_compose (void * f, int count, char **names, void **g)

returning an evaluator for the function obtained from f by substituting g[i] for the variable names[i] appearing in f (i.e. composing f and the g[i] appropriately).  The already extant function


is then basically a special case of this where the g[i] are constant. 

(You could already "fake" the evaluator_compose function by printing out the string representations of f and the g[i] and literally doing the replacements on the strings, but this capacity should be built-in to the library...)

(Sorry if the actual C syntax is not right.  I'm not a programmer, but I think the idea is pretty clear...)

--William D. Gillam

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