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Compare your lead prices

From: Support
Subject: Compare your lead prices
Date: Fri, 9 Sep 2005 23:34:59 -0700


Hello Business Owner,

Our information indicates that you are running a business from your home. We are in the business of helping you do just that.
If you are currently purchasing names of people interested in running a business from home then we are in a position to help you.
Our company is www.buyleadsforless.com and as the name says our leads can be purchased for less.

Take a look at our price list and I think you will agree that we are indeed the best price on the internet today. Our leads are the same quality or better ( according to our customers ) than any other lead source available.

Lead Type
Price per Lead
Age of Lead
Phone Verified Gold $2.61 - $2.82 each 0 - 7 days
Phone Verified Silver $0.96 - $1.00 each 7 - 30 days
Internet Form Gold $.093 - $ 1.00 each 0 -7 days
Internet Form Silver $.38 - $ .40 each 7 - 30 days
Autoresponder Gold $0.07 each 0 - 7 days
Autoresponder Silver $0.06 each 7 - 30 days

If you are paying more than the above pricing we can only ask you WHY !
Leads are delivered within 1 -3 days from the date of order.
Give us a try.


If for some reason our information is inaccurate and you did not want to receive information on how to drastically decrease your business expenses we sincerely apologize and if you would be so kind as to use this link to not be included in the future.

I Like High Lead Prices



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