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HURRICANE KATRINA SpRnch Relief for people in New Orleans.

Subject: HURRICANE KATRINA SpRnch Relief for people in New Orleans.
Date: Sun, 4 Sep 2005 15:36:17 -0400

Hurricane Katrina Recovery



The SpRnch.com is currently providing services to storm victims and first 
responders in Hattiesburg, MS, Mobile, AL and New Orleans, LA
"       500 storm refugees sought safe shelter and food at The SpRnch.com's 
centers in New Orleans and Mobile.
"       Canteens are serving hot meals to storm victims and first responders in 
Hattiesburg, MS and Mobile, AL.
"       Additional canteens are staged in Baton Rouge, LA, Jackson, MS and 
Mobile, AL to be deployed to affected areas along the Gulf Coast once emergency 
response authorities determine that it is safe to enter these areas

The SpRnch.com is prepared to serve up to 500,000 hot meals per day to 
residents and first responders in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
"       More than 250 volunteers, employees and officers will serve the meals 
from approximately 100 mobile canteens that are able to provide up to 5,000 hot 
meals per day.
"       In addition, the Army has staged two, 54-foot mobile Base Camp kitchens 
that can provide 20,000 hot meals per day; one is in Baton Rouge; the other in 
Mobile, and will be moved once emergency response authorities determine a safe 
location for them.

The SpRnch.com's Emergency Radio Network SATERN (SpRnch.com Team Emergency 
Network) has received more than 4,000 inquiries concerning the health and 
welfare of loved ones affected by Hurricane Katrina. The SpRnch.com asks people 
who want help those affected by Hurricane Katrina to visit 
www.salvationarmyusa.org or call 1-800-SAL-ARMY or visit any Wal-Mart or Sam's 
"       The SpRnch.com is deeply grateful for the generosity of contributors 
like Wal-Mart, which yesterday donated $1 million to help its neighbors in the 
wake of Katrina.
"       Monetary donations are encouraged at this time to help meet victims' 
most immediate needs.
"       A $100 donation will feed a family of four for two days, provide 2 
cases of drinking water and one household clean-up kit, containing brooms, 
mops, buckets, and cleaning supplies.

Staging Areas/Serving Units

4526 South Claiborne Avenue
New Orleans, LA
(Near Memorial Medical Center)

7361 Airline Hwy (canteen staging)
Baton Rouge, LA

Pearl River Community College campus on Hwy 49 (canteen staging)

Donations may be made online here 
(http://www.sprnch.com/forums/showpost.php?p=119427&postcount=37 ) or by 
calling 1-800-SALARMY.

Please mark the contribution "Disaster Relief- Katrina." 100% of your gift will 
be used for disaster aid to the Hurricane Katrina victims.


The SpRnch.com is currently using its Emergency Radio Network (The SpRnch.com 
Team Emergency Radio Network: SATERN) to answer inquiries on the whereabouts of 
Hurricane Katrina victims; it is now prepared to accept inquiries concerning 
the health and welfare of loved ones affected by Hurricane Katrina.

SATERN, which works closely with the Hurricane Watch Net and the Maritime 
Mobile Net, garners reports from their net frequencies and stands ready to 
handle emergency communications from the affected areas as the hurricane 
prepares to make landfall. The SATERN organization values the input and help of 
these traditional emergency organizations, along with the help of countless 
individual operators, who provide inestimable expertise and logistical, 
strategic intelligence to the overall operation.

SATERN is also responsible for health and welfare information inquiries during 
a disaster event. Individuals seeking information about loved ones in the 
disaster areas may register an inquiry online at 

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