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Make $27,000 100% free!!

From: GOGO
Subject: Make $27,000 100% free!!
Date: Thu, 1 Jan 2004 11:43:31 -0700

          No Cost to You, EVER!

Please read this over. It is extremely powerful and will pay you very well.
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Just follow the steps below:

First, sign-up at RichMails.com using the link at #1:below

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Now, Copy and paste this letter into a text file. Please be sure you copy or
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Now remove the link from ID#1. #1 will now have $27,850

2. Move the link from ID#2 into ID#1.

3. Move the link from ID#3 into ID#2.

4. Place you're Richmails affiliate link into ID#3.

5. Submit this letter to as many safelists, ffa's, and personal contacts as

RichMails pays you $25 3 levels deep for everyone who subscribes under you.
Remember, they make their money from the advertisers. By the time you're
removed from #1 you will have $27,850+ and spent nothing!

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