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Free Download with Video - Almost Free Magic tricks - Instant Access 25

From: ibixst
Subject: Free Download with Video - Almost Free Magic tricks - Instant Access 2537
Date: Wed, 7 Aug 2002 09:21:57 +0000 (UTC)


 - Free Download  + Free Video
 - Free Download  + Free Video

 - Instant Access
 - Instant Access

Check out the Free tricks - With Video

Magic Secret revealed for the first time - Instant Download

Tricks that you can learn and do it anywhere without special equipment

Trick 1 

Mind blowing self levitation trick that you can perform anywhere anytime full 
illustration included
Have you seen David Blaine's Street Magic special and wondered about how he 
could levitate off the sidewalk?

Mind blowing arm twisting illustration, twist your arm 360 degree. Have someone 
to follow you, while they can't do it but you can do it everytime anytime.
Did you see David Blaine twist his arm 360 degrees? Well, he did not invent 
that trick. Actually it's pretty simple and a rather old trick.

1) Wanna know how David Copperfield made the Statue of Liberty disappear?

2) During his Dream Portal stage show David Copperfield uses a funny fake-goose 
slow-motion routine for comedic effect. After the comedy bit, he places the 
fake goose into an empty old wooden bucket that has two lids on top. 
A few seconds later he pulls the goose back out - but now the fake goose has 
turned into a real live goose.

3) Or how about the famous David Copperfield Moon / Magicmeister trick?
If you have seen David Copperfield's live show, you might have been wondering 
about how he did that trick with the Moon Card. Each member of his audience 
received 9 cards before the show. 8 of them are blank, but one of them has a 
picture of the moon on it. After a lot of carefully instructed shuffling, David 
manages to pinpoint the Moon Card in everybody's hand.

Would you like to know the secret behind the Impossible Triangle?
How about The Riddle of the Missing Dollar?
Free Magic Tricks  + Free Video
Free Magic Tricks  + Free Video


 - Instant Access
 - Instant Access


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