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The Best Prepaid Phone Card Yet

From: go
Subject: The Best Prepaid Phone Card Yet
Date: Sat, 01 Dec 2001 04:47:59 GMT

UNLIMITED domestic calling to ANYWHERE in the U.S.
NO Taxes,  NO Junk,   Just Unlimited Talk for 30 days!
Service can be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,
from the same phone!   $89.95
DOUBLE TALK - Two phone cards in one - a connection fee card,
great for longer calls, or a no-connection fee card, better for
shorter calls.  From $.02 to $.10 per min. WorldWide!
Features low rates to the U.S., Europe and Mexico!    $10.00
The CLEAN CARD - Talk for a minute - pay for a minute.
No hidden fees or connection fees.
Great rates to many international destinations,
as well as a .065 rate for the U.S.!    $10.00
GO TO:   http://go.prepaidonline.com/
Lowest Prepaid Phone Cards, Inc. is a recognized leader in guaranteed prepaid 
long distance
phone service. We are a leading world-wide supplier of prepaid 
telecommunication services
and by working in partnership with the largest telecommunication and network 
companies,  PrepaidOnline is able to consistently offer the lowest cost and 
highest quality
cards available.
GO TO:   http://go.prepaidonline.com/

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