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Crash in STL list destructor

From: Rahul Sachdev
Subject: Crash in STL list destructor
Date: 25 Nov 2001 00:38:03 -0800

Hi All,
        My problem is as follows: we use instance of class 'list'(STL) in one
of my class. And my process creates and destroys this class which has
an object of list as an attribute during execution.
#include <list>
typedef list<int, allocator> tResCounts;

But, now we have started seeing the problem of my process crashing. On
stack trace analysis using standard tools like gdb and dbx, it shows
that the crash is while
calling destructor of the object of type 'list'. The stack trace looks

> ===============================
> (gdb) where
> #0  0x72ff8c in __0fElist7Us6Jallocator_Ferase65Elist7Us6Jallocator_Iiterator 
> ()
> #1  0x72fe24 in 
> __0fElist7Us6Jallocator_Ferase65Elist7Us6Jallocator_IiteratorTB ()
> #2  0x2ef850 in __0oElist7Us6Jallocator_dtv ()
> #3  0x2c1bd0 in __0oOActiveResourcedtv () <=== My class which has a attribute 
> of type list
> #4  0x4f8bbc in __0oNLocalResourcedtv ()
> #5  0x470828 in __0oNLocalNonORResdtv ()
> #6  0x497fb8 in 
> __0fNLocalNonORResQactionDeallocateP6XDeallocateDCHRequestMsgP6MReassignmentP6KActiveCalliTE()
> #7  0x47d38c in 
> __0fNLocalNonORResMeventDeallocP6XDeallocateDCHRequestMsgP6MReassignmentP6KActiveCalliTE
>  ()
> #8  0x606924 in __0fHTtGCallQactionDeallocateP6XDeallocateDCHRequestMsgiTC ()
> #9  0x5f3bc4 in __0fHTtGCallPeventDeallocDCHP6XDeallocateDCHRequestMsg ()
> #10 0x41c65c in 
> __0fLCallMonitorgprocessTtGNonORCallReleaseCP1MsgP6ZTtGNonORCallReleaseCP1Msg 
> ()
> #11 0x36eb58 in __0fLCallMonitorOprocessMessageP6HMessage ()
> #12 0x30562c in __0fLCallMonitorFstartv ()
> #13 0x2ff03c in main ()
> ================================================

This happens as follow: I create object of my calss, which has one of
the  attribute of type 'list'. Now when
I delete myObject, it calls the destructor of my own class  which
while destroying attribute of type 'list' calls
its destructor and it crashes here in the list's destructor. This
crash is occassionally reproducible.

Can you help me on this. Is there a known bug with lists. I am working
on following:

Language: C++;
Product: RogueWave-STL-list
Category: Crash occuring at run time and that too occassionally.
OS: SunOS 5.6 Generic_105181-12 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-2


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