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Become Wealthy with Secret Flaw in World Currency Market

From: c.i.d
Subject: Become Wealthy with Secret Flaw in World Currency Market
Date: 16 Dec 2000 13:05:47 GMT

For a short time, the Global Currency Program will instruct a limited number of 
individuals on how to convert 
$25.00 US into one hundred of legal currency. 

We will transact the first conversion for you, after that you can easily and 
quickly do this on your own as many 
times a day as you want.

I am sure you can see the power of this, however it is even more explosive than 
we have yet disclosed. While 
currency does fluctuate daily, we can show you how to convert $99 into $600. 
That means that you will be able 
to exchange $99 US legal tender (the stuff you buy groceries with) for $600 of 
the same.
Again, we must reiterate, anyone can do this, it is not MLM and the source is 
As long as the global financial community continues to use different currencies 
with varying exchange rates, the 
secret flaw will exist. 
We would like to see a uniform global currency backed by gold, but until then, 
we will allow a limited number of 
individuals to share in the unlimited profits provided for by the world 
currency differentials. 
In a short time, with almost no investment or training, you will become a 
currency exchange professional who can 
make transactions from your own home by mail or by computer. The amount of 
money that you can earn is entirely 
up to you. It goes without saying that the more time and effort you put into 
the program, the more money you will make. 
The transactions are so simple a child could do it.
We are sure that this incredible opportunity will make you the kind of money 
that you have always dreamed of making.
Don't envy us, join us today by sending $29.95 for program,  (and your first 
currency conversion) + $10.00 
for processing and delivery in US funds. Total US $39.95
Secure Credit Card and Debit Card orders through 
payable to:

* A confirmation e-mail will be sent  to you requesting your name and correct 
mailing address.
**Your Program and first currency transaction will be mailed to you within 24 
For general enquiries e-mail: address@hidden

To pay by cash or international money order in US funds to:
Central Internet Directories,
P.O. Box 303,
Woy Woy. 2256
N.S.W.  Australia.
* Please include your correct name and mailing address.

BONUS! If you order within the next seven days, you will receive free "Internet 
Marketing Secrets Revealed" on disc. 
This is not SPAM or UCE as we have either communicated in the past, you have 
posted to one of my FFA pages or 
we are on the same opt-in list or we belong to one of the news groups and we 
are telling you how to remove your 
e-mail address from our mailing lists. To be removed permanently from any and 
all of our databases, send a reply 
e-mail with the word "REMOVE" in the subject line to: address@hidden
We apologise if you have received this in error. 

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