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Tests should run with C locale

From: Santiago Vila
Subject: Tests should run with C locale
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2023 19:34:30 +0100
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Dear indent authors / Hello Andrej.

While preparing a new Debian upload for indent I noticed
that it only built ok inside a sid chroot, but not under
Debian stable (!)

A closer look tells me the reason:

$ cat regression/output/bug206785.err-diffs
<    indent: input/bug206785.c:22: Warning:Unterminated string constant
<    indent: input/bug206785.c:22: Error:Unexpected end of file
        indent: input/bug206785.c:22: AtenciĆ³n:Constante de cadena sin terminar
        indent: input/bug206785.c:22: Error:Fin de fichero inesperado

So, I have to add LC_ALL=C somewhere in debian/rules, but maybe such
setting should be in regression/TEST instead.


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