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Re: [PATCH] Correctly handle pointer alignment with typedef'd types

From: Andrej Shadura
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Correctly handle pointer alignment with typedef'd types
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2019 19:54:55 +0200


On Thu, 11 Apr 2019 at 19:30, Nikhil Benesch <address@hidden> wrote:
> This fixes a as-of-yet unreported bug, in which indent misaligns pointers
> in function parameters when the parameters use a typedef type. For example,
>     func f1(int *void)
> renders correctly, but
>     func f1(uint64_t *void)
> misrenders as:
>     func f1(uint64_t * void)
> The problem occurs because the parser thinks `uint64_t* void` is a binary
> multiplication operation, while `int *void` involves a unary dereference
> operator. The pointer alignment code only adjust the spacing of unary
> operators, at present.
> The attached patch fixes the issue by looking for multiplications inside
> function parameters and spacing them properly. With the patch, the entire
> regression test suite passes on my machine, including the additional test
> coverage for the bug.

Thanks, I’ll have a look at this some time next week (I’m currently
busy with lots of other stuff).

> P.S. Is there a better place to send this mail? I didn't see any mailing
> lists besides this one, and the patches section of the Savannah project
> doesn't seem to be used.

This mailing list is fine.


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