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bug#61920: incorrect quote-delimited pathnames across newlines found in

From: John Cummings
Subject: bug#61920: incorrect quote-delimited pathnames across newlines found in shell buffer
Date: Thu, 02 Mar 2023 16:39:46 +0000

I use:  Editor:      GNU Emacs 28.2
        Hyperbole:   9.0.0
        Sys Type:    x86_64-pc-linux-gnu
        OS Type:     gnu/linux
        Window Sys:  None
        News Reader: Gnus v5.13
        Install:     elpa-devel, 8.0.1pre0.20230227.3018

In a shell buffer in a window 80 characters wide, run an ls command
and get the following output:

emacs@neptune:~/shellbug/data$ ls
'#buttons-9.txt#'   foofoofoo                      sources
 buttons-9.txt      hyperbole.el                   test.el
 buttons-9.txt~    '#*message*-20230220-192738#'   test.html
 buttons.txt       '#*message*-20230220-205601#'   test.html~
 buttons.txt~      '#*message*-20230220-210029#'   test.kotl
 EXAMPLE.kotl       source.el                      test.kotl~
 foo                source.el~
'#foofoofoo#'       source.elc

Expected behavior:
The action key on test.html or test.html~ opens that file. hkey-help
will show that those names are pathnames.

Actual behavior:
The action key and hkey-help report that there is no matching context
(so there is also no HyDebug message to include.)

Possible cause:
I did some shallow debugging, and it appears that Hyperbole matches
the quotes surrounding the filenames, also consuming the newline after
the filename. So on test.html, it may be matching it as 
'   test.html buttons.txt       '
Since Hyperbole tries many different implicit button types, I'm not
certain that this is the main problem. But I'm guessing that it is,
since it would explain why it only happens to those two names in the

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