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ADV: Register with Search Engines

From: register15
Subject: ADV: Register with Search Engines
Date: Sat, 16 Mar 2002 17:38:55 -0500

For removal instructions see below.

Search Engines are still the
#1 way people promote their products
or services on the internet.

Like it or not, if you want your 
potential customers to FIND your website, 
you need to be listed in a top 
search engine program to have 
a chance at making that sale.

Don't "hope" that you have submitted
your website correctly to the search
engines.  Let a professional do the
work for you on a timely basis that
helps get your site into top rankings

Our search engine submission programs
start at just $29.99 per month and,
since no contracts are involved,
can be cancelled at any time!

To get started, call our toll free
number at: 888-760-8806

We honor all remove requests. 
To have your email address removed,
call our toll free number:  
800-636-6773 EXT.1114

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