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Re: PTHREAD_MUTEX_ADAPTIVE_NP undefined in Gecko

From: Riccardo Mottola
Subject: Re: PTHREAD_MUTEX_ADAPTIVE_NP undefined in Gecko
Date: Tue, 9 Feb 2021 17:51:41 +0100
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Paul Sonnenschein wrote:
For this specific issue, you should be able to use the patch available
at the following Debian bug report for NSPR:
(Alternatively, one might replace the #if with #ifdef
There also used to be failing tests in NSPR, but some (not all) of them
were related to sem_open, which nowadays should be supported by the

the suggestion in the bug report works perfectly. I will commit into arcticfox.
However, compilation dies later on:

 8:36.88                  from /home/multix/code/Arctic-Fox/obj-i686-unknown-gnu0.9/dom/cellbroadcast/Unified_cpp_dom_cellbroadcast0.cpp:2:  8:36.88 /home/multix/code/Arctic-Fox/ipc/chromium/src/build/build_config.h:36:2: error: #error Please add support for your platform in build/build_config.h  8:36.88    36 | #error Please add support for your platform in build/build_config.h
 8:36.88       |  ^~~~~
 8:36.90 In file included from ../../dist/include/nsISupportsUtils.h:14,

Allowing a modern Gecko-based Browser to compile on the HURD should be
a significant amount of work, up to and including porting Rust
(allowing Rust to cross-compile code using only libcore and liballoc
for the HURD should be relatively easy, the hard part would be porting
the complete standard library and allowing the Rust compiler to run on
the Hurd, I am a bit unsure whether porting liblibc is still necessary
for porting libstd, if it still is, that would be an additional,
significant amount of work).

The advantage is ArcticFox is that it is still rust-less, which makes it much more portable and easier to compile Of course "not so modern", but still usable and without the nasty distribution limitations of PaleMoon. For this reason it has users in niches beyond the mainstrem Linux/x86-64: it still works well on i386 and I recently restored MIPS-le and Raspberry3 support. So trying the HURD is just logical and potentially a decent candidate too. If you HURD people already had some patches accepted upstream in Firefox though, I need to backport them.


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