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pci-arbiter + rumpdisk

From: Damien Zammit
Subject: pci-arbiter + rumpdisk
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 2020 17:59:30 +1100
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Hi Samuel,

I need to figure out the next step of rumpdisk, using the arbiter instead of 
faking the arbiter.

> youpi: pci-arbiter could be exposed as a device name in the master device 
> port and the userland pci-arbiter running on /server/bus/pci can try to open 
> that
> youpi: just like netdde tries to open eth0 to check whether there are already 
> device drivers in gnumach, in which case it shouldn't handle network cards
> youpi: in the end, when we know for sure that pci-arbiter is run as a 
> bootstrap translator, we can make /server/bus/pci a mere device node

How do i make a bootstrap translator such as pci-arbiter expose a device name 
in the master device port?
I want to be able to device_open("pci") and a bootstrap translator responds.
I'm guessing i need to make the arbiter into a "master device" instead of 
rumpdisk and then every device_open() call goes through the arbiter first?


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