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[bug-gv] keybindings don't work properly for gv 3.7.1 under macos x

From: joerg van den hoff
Subject: [bug-gv] keybindings don't work properly for gv 3.7.1 under macos x
Date: Sun, 05 Dec 2010 21:24:02 +0100
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hi there,

I installed gv using the package managment system macports for macos X and ran into
the following problem.

after `gv someFile.pdf' I get the following message:

Warning: translation table syntax error: Unknown keysym name:  apLineDel
Warning: ... found while parsing '<Key>apLineDel: GV_Page(page+5)         '
Warning: String to TranslationTable conversion encountered errors

nevertheless the document displays correctly and most of the keybindings work.
what does _not_ work is <F>, <B>.

the package maintainer on macports asked me to ask for advise from some gv experts:

 I guess I have to take this ticket, since I'm the maintainer of the gv
 port, but I don't know anything about the gv software or about how to fix
 this problem. Please contact the developer of the gv software for
 assistance. If he says we need to change something in the gv port in
 MacPorts to fix this, let me know.

so that's what I'm trying to do: any feedback would be appreciated, since I don't
know where to start (some wrong definitions in resource files, e.g.?)


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