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[bug-gv] Fwd: color PS plots spill over scales on gv 3.6.7

From: craig . henry
Subject: [bug-gv] Fwd: color PS plots spill over scales on gv 3.6.7
Date: Sat, 23 May 2009 08:06:27 -0400
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problem appears to be solved by upgrading ghostscript to most recent
I'll pass this along to a few RedHat based distros
have a great weekend
Craig Henry
Yale University
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    Date: Fri, 22 May 2009 12:07:19 -0400
    From: Craig Henry <address@hidden>
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 Subject: color PS plots spill over scales on gv 3.6.7
      To: address@hidden

  I apologize in advance for taking up your time with this issue.  I
hope that a quick view will be sufficient for you to point me in the
right direction.  The basic problem is that the attached color graphs do
not sync the plots with the scales (sort of an interior bounding problem).

  These files view fine on our older systems using the RedHat clone
ScientificLinux 4.6 (kernel 2.6.9) with gv 3.5.8

When we upgraded to ScientificLinux5.x (kernel 2.6.18) with gv 3.6.7 we
encountered the "spill-over" effect.

The application (SuperMongo) which generated these plots yields
identical output file on the old and new systems.  It is simply the
viewer (or underlying library) which has trouble.

Craig Henry
Yale ITS/AM&T Linux Systems Design & Support
Yale Astronomy Systems Administrator

NOTE: Yale ITS will NEVER request passwords or other personal information via
email.  Messages requesting such information are fraudulent and should be

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Have attached twp PS files generated by SM that give truoble. They look fine on michigan, but do not look O.K. on sirius amd ravi

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